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Radiation Reliability for Space Systems

Our experts deliver customized, cost-effective radiation solutions for mission-critical space systems. 

The Rad Team is a radiation reliability consulting provider

We leverage custom engineering to optimize for your mission and risk posture. Why work with us:

Accurate Analysis

All Rad Team services are engineered for accurate and reliable analysis, giving our customers the confidence to meet mission requirements

Speed & Efficiency

We remove schedule constraints. (Saying more wouldn't be efficient).

Necessary & Sufficient Engineering

We do only what is needed for mission success--anything else is waste. Know your margins and error bars. Attack the most critical issues first. 

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Mitigate the impacts and risks of ionizing radiation at every stage of your development life-cycle.


Conceptual design & product definition


Research, prototypes, & contracts


Development & qualification


Launch & production

How it works


Define your radiation concerns and issues.

If you are unsure, we help you figure this out.


Engage with The Rad Team.

We'll customize engineering solutions that precisely match your development cycle.


Experience reliable solutions.

We'll guarantee a smooth process and you'll reap the benefits of our quality radiation reliability solutions.

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We'll respond to you soon!

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